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  • I put my 6 month old in the Bamboo Bubby Bag for the first time, he woke up with near perfect skin! Now after just two nights of sleeping in the bamboo sleeping bag his skin is great. As you can see he now only has a little redness on one cheek. So happy with it. One of the best products I've bought! RONDELL
  • Ivy wore her Bamboo Bubby eczema sleeping bag to bed last night and she loves it. This girl hates blankets on her legs, but she liked the sleeping bag and had no trouble rolling around! Woohoo! I love the adjust-a-sleeves, that allow me change the length of the arms, so it will grow with Ivy and they fold down like mittens to cover little hands and stop scratching! JESS
  • Eczema has been such a massive challenge in our lives and your products have given us a lot of relief when it comes to sleeping and flare ups. Abbie's Bubby Bag is like her safe haven, whenever she gets really itchy we put her in there and sit and read a book and its the only thing that calms her down. CHELSEA
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